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THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY II is the belated follow-up to the surprise African hit charting the misadventures of the Namibian bushman N!xau and his unlikely buddies in a comic-fuelled caper. This sequel sees N!xau return with the same director (but without the rest of the cast) to embark on some new, but very familiar, adventures. The plot begins afresh when a couple of N!xau's kids accidentally stow away on a truck driven by elephant poachers and packed with ivory from their latest expedition. N!xau sets out on an epic quest to rescue them and along the way gets tangled up in the adventures of a pilot and his female companion alongside a couple of hostile soldiers. It's business as usual in THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY II, with all manner of slapstick comedy to enjoy. N!xau shines as usual and is the highlight of the production, but Hans Strydom and Lena Farugia are also good value for money, although their characters aren't quite as funny as those of the original. Still, there's plenty to enjoy here, not least the bits with the wild animals (the honey badger scene is a highlight) alongside the absolutely madcap climax.

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