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The director of the film has selected different autistic young adults who have "fallen in love", or are tying try to understand what "love"and"falling in love" means. The film also looks at the families behind the children in order to contextualize their history and progress of the condition. Going beyond the expository start of the film, the film's journey continues to document how each relationship between a young autistic man and a young autistic women results in a relationship or not. In some cases the relationship that the autistic couple have made is a strong friendship, in another a non-friendship, and in another a potential marriage. Beyond the vastly unexplored of the issue of the film -- regardless of age and religious and cultural background -- each subject reveals his or her personal relationship to their autistic condition. The film shows that despite the difficulty of the condition, each subject confront their autism with an understanding of having autism in their own way. In one scene we see and hear an autistic young man complain about his autism; he admits he wants to be "normal" just as his friends are at school; he elaborates on this by pointing out that his high school friends are all going to college but he can't do so. This personal confession shows how autistic people are aware of their condition in society and have emotion. In its final analysis, the film teaches us that we, as a society, need to be aware and compassionate of the autistic men and women.

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