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Have you ever felt that most comedic movie these days feels like a forced addition without real meningful connection toward the main storyline. Or maybe the comedy is part of the storyline but just not funny because the story are just forced to be a joke? No, not on this movie. The story about an underapreciated(also underperforming) senior cop that lead a inconpetent drug investigation unit which ironically success at a fake bussiness even when he try hard to repel customers just trigger a nonstop laugh on the first half of the movie. The half empty theatre just burst of out laughing to the point that it fells like it's fully occupied, so it's not just me. The second half got more action scene as the laughter and when I thought they finally running out of jokes, they proof me wrong. The action scene is not disappointing either. The diversity between the martial arts expert and crazy 'tanks' makes the combat really fun to watch, triggering another gag and, well, romantic moment which already slipped here and there without disturbing the whole movie. The characters are well developed and consistent on their own quirk. There's moment when they show unexpected side of themselves but then audience are keeps reminded back that 'hey, don't forget that he/she are actually this kind of character', which makes the characters unforgettable. In two hours I slowly This is such a fresh comedy that do not try too hard begging for audience to laugh, it just go with the flow.

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