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(Spoiler) Except, during the Patrol, Soldiers are wearing 101st Airborne Division Unit Shoulder Sleeve Patches, then after getting to the "Bunker" they are wearing 10th Mountain Division Shoulder Sleeve Patches. The 101st Airborne Division was usually up at Northeastern Afghanistan; near "Camp Eagle", Northeastern Afghan border with Pakistan. Many were wearing both the 10th Mountain Division Shoulder Sleeve Patch and the 101st Airborne Division Shoulder Sleeve Patch as Combat Patches, meaning that they had Served more than once at either Afghanistan or Iraq, and would be a minimum Rank of Specialist Four (4; E-4) or Corporal (E-4) unless they really screwed up and were reduced in Rank. Lack of Military Equipment, during the beginning of Afghanistan and Iraq till the end, most U.S. Military were wearing lots of U.S. Military Equipment, Interceptor Body Armor, Molle with lots of ammunition. The only exception was U.S. Military Special Operations Forces. Most U.S. Military soldiers started wearing "Camel Backs" (water); Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) were common as the one advantage over the Afghan Taliban and Iraqis Shiite Insurgency, Tactical Individual Radios and Headsets were common also. Execution of Journalists, the Afghan Taliban NEVER outright executed Journalists and instead demanded Ransom Payments. Most Afghan Taliban did not wear their head covering like in the Movie and instead wore their Shemaghs to cover their faces due to the high winds and sand (sand mostly at Southern Afghanistan, not the Northern Part of Afghanistan's 2/3rds Mountains (Pamir and Hindu Kush)). Most Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan as multiple Tours wore Shemagh; kind of like the U.S. Military Soldiers during the Vietnam War wore towels around the neck.

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