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Where do you begin assessing such an individuals inspirational story? Browse any bookshops, any DVD store and the titles devoted to Ali stretch and stretch. There will be always be people who will disaffect themselves from his achievements. They will point to his infidelity. How a man who converted to the Islamic faith was also a skirt chasing womaniser. Granted, the negatives will say his boxing genius is undeniable, but they will cancel any semblance of his skills by attributing and highlighting his less than perfect outside boxing antics and rank him undeserving of the majority who consider him an amazing person. I'm a fan of boxing. I enjoyed the unseen footage we have here. Clips, family interviews, and other footage has been assembled to show a personal side of Ali - in particular reference to his family life - a major highlight are the archived audio recordings between Ali and his young children. Ali was a victim of circumstance. He came along in the glitz and revolution of the 60's, and took the boxing world by storm. There have been other colourful characters in boxing history - Ali though was wildly different. A firework personality whilst his peers stuck to the persona of being a boxer and nothing else. When the events unfolded (his Vietnam draft) he stood firm to his beliefs and with an unbreakable confidence eventually, aided by the sea-change of thought against the Vietnam War, overcame the situation. It was the 60's a time of cultural and irrevocable change. Love him? Loathe him? He never withered in the face of extreme criticism. I admire him for that. From the beginning he set out to conquer the boxing world - the adoration, the mythic status afforded to him, unexplainable, but who hasn't met somebody in their lifetime who commands a special kind of attraction by virtue of their charisma. If you're a fan of pugilism,, then watch this, as it demonstrates why Ali was a grade 11 in athletic prowess when most champions were blessed to reach a grade 8, 9, if they were considered exceptional. All stars shine in the universe, Ali was the universe when it came to boxing. A movie buff will appreciate this film. It is a well made documentary. At times very moving, funny, and always informative with the rare unseen footage moments. 'Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them', Shakespeare said. Ali has led an extraordinary life. In fact many might say he is has achieved all three of what the bard wrote about 'greatness'.

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