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This Natural History documentary is in my opinion one of the best ever produced. This is in part due to the tremendous narration by British actor Jeremy Irons together with the incredible photography. It has been given a UK PG Certificate and I agree with this because it is not recommended for young viewers. The documentary films the life of a solitary lioness and her three cubs. SPOILER BEGINS This story begins with the lioness (given the name Ma di Tau), her lion partner and their three cubs living on their own without a pride of lions. Another pride invades their home and kills the male leaving Ma di Tau and her three cubs to fend for themselves. SPOILER ENDS I am not giving any more information about the film because it should be watched and the viewer must form their own opinion about it. I will say that for all those who have an interest in Natural History, either great or small they should watch this extremely sad and enlightening documentary and for those who do not have an interest they should watch it and perhaps they will develop an interest and a great concern for the future of this beautiful Earth's wildlife. 20 years ago 450.000 lions roamed the wild but now only 20.000 remain due to being hunted and having their natural habitat stolen from them by greedy humans.

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