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After I saw Domestic Disturbance, I wondered what other movies Harold Becker had directed. I looked him up and I found out he had directed Mercury Rising. I saw most of the movie last night and I finished it this morning. I thought I would like it, I loved it. I compared it to movies such as Firewall and 16 Blocks. I came to the conclusion that it was better than both of them. Bruce Willis does a very good job at playing the movie's caring and FBI hero. Alec Baldwin has a good on-screen presence as the villain who goes overboard when a government secret is exposed. Miko Hughes who I recognized from Full House does a great job as the autistic kid that the hero takes under his wing. Finally, Bruce Willis and Miko Hughes have a great on-screen chemistry together. After I finished watching the movie, I watched Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert review the movie. I thought at least one of them would have agreed with me. Then I read Ebert's full review where he talked about the villain's predictable death. The death involves him being wounded by the hero and then tumbling off the top of the building. He didn't complain when it was used in Hollywood Homicide because he liked that movie. I, however, love that cliché and welcome it with open arms. The film may have been overlooked by the critics, but it was not overlooked by audiences. I highly recommend Mercury Rising.

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