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AT least in MY humble opinion. Some have compared this to The Blair Witch in it's filming style, however, this is in no way a Blair Witch rip off. For that you need to see Willow Creek. Now THAT was a bad 'Bigfoot'/ 'Blair Witch' rip off movie. Wherever the cabin was, as far as location worked really well, in adding to the suspense and tension, the actors were all very convincing, for a cast of relative unknowns, and if nothing else, you will be more cautious when driving in wooded areas late at night. Granted the use of multiple GoPro style cameras can turn people off, but over all the film, the story, and the use of effects and jump scares are really well done. For an Independent film 'feel' and a quick 'get to the action' scary movie, I recommend this one.

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