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OK lets start of with the first type 1. A legit hardcore Naruto fans that cares about the plot, the characters, and all that kind of stuffs, and doesn't care whom Naruto ends up with. I would still recommend it because, im not going to deny this movies is about Hinata and Naruto but its also about the Toneri clan stuff, and why it was a secret for a very long time and why they decided to show up now, personally i would still recommend you hardcore fans to watch it but i will not guarantee that this will be the best or the worst movie that you have watched in your entire life. 2. A NaruHina fan, in that case i have no explanation, this movie is going to be a 10/10 no doubt for you NaruHina fan, watch it, really do watch it and I 100% recommend it. 3. A NaruSaku fan or A NaruHina hater, in that case i also rest my case, this movie is going to be painful for you guys to watch, but if you have the balls or the ovaries of steel to watch this then you or you are just curious about the new clan that is forming and stuff if so you are welcome to go watch the movie, but if you can't stand Hinata or Naruto being with her then this movie is a no go for you guys, i wouldn't recommended for you NaruSaku fans or NaruHina. 4. And now for my personal review of how i felt about the movie. Its great, 8/10 but i won't spoil it cause you guys hate it so yeah but the character developments only revolves around Naruto and Hinata and all the other characters like kakashi, sakura, sasuke and stuffs like that just become minor if not supporting characters in this movie, and if you are OK with that watch the movie and if not then don't. Thats all I have got to say..

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